Friday, July 3, 2009

BewarE hE/sHe Is A sCAmmER iF...........

Scammers are really smart and have the convincing skill of a top sales man, they can sell snow to the Eskimos! They all follow a pattern a script and you can use this to detect if that person you chatting with is a scammer.


  • They immediately want to get off the website and into YAHOO or MSN chat
This is especially true for paid social network sites like, they use hacked credit cards to get into these sites, they know the true owner of the credit cards will terminate it anytime soon so they want you on yahoo or msn chat where they can continue communication with you, to tell you their lies and steal from you.

  • They want to view your webcam but will NEVER come on web cam.
This is because they use pictures they have swiped from the internet to make up their profiles. So that beautiful woman or drop dead handsome man is actually a another person! They give all kinds excuses for not being able to come online, the real reason is because they are not the people in the photos! This is the major way to identify a scammer, ask them to come on web cam, if the person is really who they claim to be they will do their best for you to see them, if they don't then you know you are probably dealing with a scammer.

  • They fall in 'love with you' or 'trust' you after just a short while.
They claim that love, fate, destiny or God has brought both of together and that you guys were meant to be together. They swear their undying love and they dO this just after two three conversations with you!!! They keep filling you with sweet words,poems, etc and before you know it you are hooked on their lies. They usually hunt on websites where people looking to get hooked up. They hope to get you in love TO MAKE IT EASIER TO STEAL FROM YOU.

  • They immediately want your address.....
Depending on the type of scam they ask for your address to:
  1. Actually send you gifts such as chocolates, flowers, teddy bears as a show of affection. These gifts are often purchased with stolen credit cards. They hope to win your love with this to gain your affection and love opening the way for you to be scammed or...
  2. They claim to have sent you an expensive gift item, like a diamond ring or necklace. They use a fake courier service they set up on the internet to make it look like thet sent you a gift, in reality they haven't sent you any gift. when you login to this fake courier website they may ask you for your credit card details or personal details to steal your identity and money, or the courier service will give you a call telling you that in the package was a large sum of money and that if you can send some money, often through WESTERN UNION, they will make sure your lover does not get into trouble with the authorities. THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!

  • They usually claim they are from the US or UK and have high sounding jobs, their favorite are jobs in engineering.
They want you to believe they are financially stable so that you feel secure, they give you this false sense of security to set you up. Because along the line they are going to send you an expensive gift or ask you for to borrow them them some cash for whatever excuse they come up with. They want you to believe they can afford to send you that gift or that they can repay any money they ask you for because at some point they always do.

  • The immediately start to tell you something sad that has happened to them.
If the scammer is a woman or using a woman's profile (sometime you think you are chatting with a woman but it is actually a guy on the other side) they immediately seek your pity and start to fill you with stories of how bad life has treated them, even though they barely know you! They make you believe you are going to rescue them and may ask you to send them some money so that they can escape to you,their true love. We all love a good fairy tale don't we?

  • They immediately want to send you money or expensive gifts!
They actually don't send you money or that expensive gift. They have already set up fake bank websites and fake courier services on the internet. When they send you money they give you a link to the fake bank site and see if the money they sent you has been deposited you check and wala! you name is there to receive a some amount of money, now they got yoU where they want you! The 'bank' now asks you to pay some bank charges so that the money can be transferred to your account, the only thing is that the money never comes and the 'bank' keeps asking you more money over and over again.

TO BE CONTINUED...........

Saturday, June 27, 2009

orGAnised Scams

Scammers are very organised and tactical people and more often than not it is not the stories they fill you with that makes you fall into their trap it is their persistence. Once they hone in on a victime they stick like a leech and try every means possible to steal from you.

How they do this? This is what i plan to tell you, lets take a look into the scammers network.

Most scam artists work in teams numbering from 5 to 10. This team of scammers are usually working on 10 to 20 victims at once (could you, maybe, be one of them?). They have a hierarchy which begins with the lowest level , a YAHOO BOY/S. This yahoo boy sends out thousands of thousand of messages, winks, hugs, etc to unsuspecting victims. They steal pictures of beautiful girls or handsome men online and use it as their profile, then they wait for replies. When the replies come, they follow a script on how to reply to these victims, then they transfer 'the work' to someone more experienced in the team and more capable of carrying on their trickery with more skill. This skilled scammer gets you to trust him/her, love him/her and then comes up with a well made sob story to take your money.

It is just like sales, the yahoo boys do the cold calling. They hit up anyone and everyone they can and do not discriminate between old or young, male or female, rich or poor, Christian or not. It is simply a game of numbers. Once they get someone interested, that lead gets transferred to someone with better "closing skills". It's like having a manager take over to close the deal.

Just make sure they do not close the deal on you. Fall in love but be careful when doing it over the internet. There are people that will use that love to rob you blind, people pretending to be other people, people that would rod you of your love and make you feel dejected. Be careful and really know who it is you are communicating with. Read the other topics on my blog to know the signs of scammers and learn how to avoid and protect your heart.

Friday, June 26, 2009


This excerpt was culled from, and was written by Anna Song of Katu News.

SWEET HOME, Ore. – Janella Spears doesn’t think she’s a sucker or an easy mark.
Besides her work as a registered nurse, Spears – no relation to the well-known pop star – also teaches CPR and is a reverend who has married many couples. She also communicates with lightning-fast sign language with her hearing-impaired husband.
So how did this otherwise lucid, intelligent woman end up sending nearly half a million dollars to a bunch of con artists running what has to be one of the best-known Internet scams in the world?
Spears fell victim to the "Nigerian scam," which is familiar to almost anyone who has ever had an e-mail account.
The e-mail pitch is familiar to most people by now: a long-lost relative or desperate government official in a war-torn country needs to shuffle some funds around, say $10 million or $20 million, and if you could just help them out for a bit, you get to keep 10 (or 20 or 30) percent for your trouble.
All you need to do is send X-amount of dollars to pay some fees and all that cash will suddenly land in your checking account, putting you on Easy Street. By the way, please send the funds though an untraceable wire service.
By this time, not many people will fall for such an outrageous pitch, and the scam is very well-known. But it persists, and for a reason: every now and then, it works.
For Spears, it started, as it almost always does, with an e-mail. It promised $20 million and in this case, the money was supposedly left behind by her grandfather (J.B. Spears), with whom the family had lost contact over the years.
"So that's what got me to believe it," she said.
Spears didn't know how the sender knew J.B. Spears' name and her relation to him, but her curiosity was piqued.
It turned out to be a lot of money up front, but it started with just $100.
The scammers ran Spears through the whole program. They said President Bush and FBI Director "Robert Muller" (their spelling) were in on the deal and needed her help.
They sent official-looking documents and certificates from the Bank of Nigeria and even from the United Nations. Her payment was "guaranteed."
Then the amount she would get jumped up to $26.6 million – if she would just send $8,300. Spears sent the money.
More promises and teases of multi-millions followed, with each one dependent on her sending yet more money. Most of the missives were rife with misspellings.
When Spears began to doubt the scam, she got letters from the President of Nigeria, FBI Director Mueller, and President Bush. Terrorists could get the money if she did not help, Bush’s letter said. Spears continued to send funds. All the letters were fake, of course.
She wiped out her husband’s retirement account, mortgaged the house and took a lien out on the family car. Both were already paid for.
For more than two years, Spears sent tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Everyone she knew, including law enforcement officials, her family and bank officials, told her to stop, that it was all a scam. She persisted.
Spears said she kept sending money because the scammers kept telling her that the next payment would be the last one, that the big money was inbound. Spears said she became obsessed with getting paid.
An undercover investigator who worked on the case said greed helped blind Spears to the reality of the situation, which he called the worst example of the scam he’s ever seen.
He also said he has seen people become obsessed with the scam before. They are so desperate to recoup their losses with the big payout, they descend into a vicious cycle of sending money in hopes the false promises will turn out to be real.
Now, Spears has gone public with her story as a warning to others not to fall victim.
She hopes her story will warn others to listen to reason and avoid going down the dark tunnel of obsession that ended up costing her so much.
Spears said it would take her at least three to four years to dig out of the debt she ran up in pursuit of the non-existent pot of Nigerian gold.

This is just one case from the million of cases of scams around the world. The elderly continue to be victims of these type of scams. We must try to educate our parents, grand parents or any elderly relatives we have so that we protect them from these painful experiences.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

wrong impressions

I would like to correct some wrong impression expressed by a reader concerning my blog.

First of all i do not encourage people to scam bait, for this reason i have added the header as you now see in my blog title.

Please i do not mean to sterotype the victims of scams when i stated that they were desperate, by all means not victims of scams are not all desperate. Hopefully i have not given a false sense of immunity for those who do not fit this profile. When i was speaking of victim's profile i was looking at victims in the eyes of these scammers who see their victims as desperate and try to milk them.

Scammers are very organised these days and how they work is what i hope to enlighten you upon so that if you recognise any pattern in anyone you have met online you get away before it is too late.

Scam baiting ir really dangerous and must be avoided at all costs. ReAD my blog and drop your own opinions. I highly appreciate all your comments. Thanx!

There's more to come stay tuned.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


This is crazy! suddenly i can be in more than one place at the same time!!! Its not magic folks, that my friends is the power of call forwarding, call roaming or call diverting which ever term you chose to call it. It is so convenient you can be anywhere in the world and still answer your calls.

Well i aint gonna go all techie on you guys, but i will tell you how scammers use this technology to trick people out of their cash (trust man to find a way to use everything for one form of criminality).

Well journey with me into the underworld of scam men/women (women are in the game too, you didn't think only men were having all the fun did you?!).

Call forwarding is as easy as three steps, (i know i said i wasn't goin to go all techie on u guys but hey its three steps ok! its important):

After logging into a website like there are many others but i think they have one of the best rates, you;

(1) you pick the country you want the phone line in

(2)select your number(new country number)

(3)and then lastly you select where you want to forward your calls to and then you type in your current location number.

I think thats three and a half steps,thats besides the point!

So it is as easy as this to get a phone number from whatever country and link or divert it to the number you are using now anywhere you are, aint technolgy a b**ch!

What that means is that anyone for example can have a a uk,canadian or an american number and answer their calls from their local number and they can be anywhere,sweeeeeet!!

Not so sweet when con men use it though and i'm gonna tell you just how they do it.Its simple really. Con men know how to identify desperate people and they milk desperate people dry. A scammer gets a European or American number and leads you to believe that he is an American or European,infact they make you believe they are so in love with you and they are coming over to marry you.

This brings me to the desperate thing again, scammers know women and men outside europe n America are desperate to get hooked up to these 'elite' citizens, so they pretend they are from these countries and promise marriage to these 'deperate' people' in the hopes of scamming them out of their cash. I mean with the american and european numbers which they use to decieve it is no surprise the success rate f this type of scam.

Once they have gotten you to believe then they spin you with a fake package or what ever story they come out with to scam you.

So please be careful when someone gives you a number from anywhere they claim they might just be next door to you. Love yourself Give your love but keep your money unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure of what you are putting it in.

Love y'all! will bring you more inside secrets,until we meet again i go undergoround to discover more secrets.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

tHe ScaMMeRs pAcKAge

Hey people!! how y'all doing!

Hope you managed to give your hearts to someone who deserves it, and kept your money intact in the process?

I am excited today 'cos i just learned something i am just dying to share with you! you want to know what don't you?

What i am gonna be sharing with you a scammers trick known as 'THE PACKAGE.' It was revealed to me by a friend of a friend. *wink*

I am gonna start from the beginning, you ready to delve into the underground world of con men, then follow me....


The first process is to create a profile in one of the many popular social network or dating sites. ( is now a favorite hunting ground).

They search the internet and steal pictures of good looking guys and women, usually from American and European origins. Then they make up this About Me write up that reads like a breeze. The write-ups are very similar, you can check through my subsequent posts for a sample scammers About Me. It usually reads on how much they are looking for true love and blah blah blah! True love my a**!!

The next thing they do is to select candidates that they send a message and ask them to add them on yahoo chat usually. Then the real work begins.


Once they manage to get you to chat,they bait you in slowly. They fill you with stories of lost loves and make you feel like they are giving love a chance in falling madly in love with you and they got very high sounding jobs, their favorite is a job in the oil industry, some are pilots,bankers, etc. The trick is to let you think the person you chatting with is financially stable and is just out looking for true love, which he has found in you of course!

Once he has gotten you to trust and even fall in love, then its time to 'surprise you' with a 'gift package'. Some victims are chosen for the closeness of their birthdays(The catch is to look for a reason to send a gift to you).


A gift package is sent to you for any excuse the scammer manufactures. You are excited and can't wait to recieve your lover's gift. Then one morning (not necessarily in the morning!) you get a call from a courier service personnel informing you that there has been a problem with a package that has been sent to you, this gets interesting this is where most people are hooked.

The 'courier' people tell you that inside the package sent to you was found a large sum of money, for example they may tell you that inside the package was a sum of 15ooo pounds. You are taken by this omg! all that money. The courier tell you it is illegal to send money through this means and so your package will be sent to the authorities if you do not take 'action'. They also threaten that the sender might be in trouble for trying to launder money and all the criminal bull they can trudge up.

In reality this courier service is either a phishing site mirroring a legitimate courier website or a bogus website that has been set up to scam unsuspecting people. The websites are so professional looking that if you log in your details you will be told that you do indeed have a package coming to you and the travel routes, it is so real! many of this scam websites have been shut down but many are being created.

You get in touch with your lover, who has anxiously been waiting for your call hoping that you took the bait. He pretends to be anxious and tells you he had a good intention and that he just wanted to give a pleasant surprise, you will get a surprise but i don't think it would be pleasant though.


He now ask you to get intouch with them, he tells you he can't do it since he is offshore or too busy with work to, and ask them if the 'problem' can be resolved. you get in touch with the 'courier service' and they tell you that some money will have to paid so that they can convert the status of the parcel. You inform your 'lover' who now asks you to please do him the favour of paying the charges, and gives you an excuse of being away at work (maybe offshore), you think what the heck you are going to be 15oooo pounds richer so you pay the charges the courier asks you to pay. They ask you to pay the money through the Western Union Money Transfer.

Thinking that you have settled the 'problem' you wait to recieve your package.Wrong!! cos no package is coming!!! the 'courier company' is a fake and will continue to call you again and again claiming all sorts of problems that will demand you continue to pay money until you wise up. The country the package is stuck in, is the country where the scammers operate from. Wait a minute YOU DON'T THINK BECAUSE YOU CAN REACH HIM WITH A UK NUMBER HE ACTUALLY LIVES IN THE UK, HAVE YOU HEARD OF INTERNATIONAL CALL DIVERTING! well thats a topic for another day.


At the end you don't get any package, you don't get the love you thought you had and you lose lose your money in the process.

Does this scenerio sound familiar to you? Can you share your experience with us on this blog?? Have you noticed a similar approah with the person you have ben 'seeing' online? Do place a comment you might be helping.

How well do you think you know the person you have been seeing online. Check out take the test there and see, you should really check it out!

till we se again give your hearts but keep your money. cheers!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

scam me! me!! me!!!

The ease at which people are scammed over the internet these days makes it seem like people are falling over each other to be scammed, I am ready! scam me! me!! me!! i have done a little research at the different methods these scammers use,while some are ingenious(you must hand it to them),others are quite glaring. I must however confess that when emotions are involved,things that should be clear becomes blurry all of a sudden. Thats the reason romance scams have become so prevalent, 'cause its easy.

lets analyse this scenerio together if you will.

Scenerio 1:

Girl meets 'boy' or vice versa, (it might not be that pretty girl or that dashing young guy you are really chatting with, for all you know it might be a monkey!).

Scenerio 2:

Girl falls in love with monkey,...sorry, guy, after talking for a few times, (Isnt it just in our nature to want something more when we can't have it), how else can u explain when someone falls in love with someone they haven't met before, you just have a picture for crying out loud! In most cases its not the real person.

Scenerio 3:

The monkey.....its a dude!!!now concots a crazy story that requires you to send some certain sum of monies and because you are so dumb...... sorry, so in love, u send it?? You keep sending him money until you find out that you have been played the fool. First you experience denial, but you can only lie to yourself for so long until you finally accept the truth, and its heart wrenching it is ot something anyone should experience.

That is why i have gone undercover( i am really undercover for your information) and i will be educating y'all on all the ways scammers use to separate you from your money. My god they sophisticated,their stories are more convincing and garnished, they have become so hi-tech they will decieve the wisest person.

I will be breaking the CONMAN's code and i wil bare it all. All the tricks, the tools they use,how they do it, the whole nine yards. Hopefully i will be helping some people because at the end of the day we are all connected right in some way or the other,really we are!

Do stick with me and you will learn things that will blow your mind!

I am Laura and i will be breaking the conman's code.Join me for this ride.Hold on to your hats!!!!
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